What is a "Designated Candidate"?

According to New York State Law, “designation” is defined as “any method […] by which candidates for party nomination for public office or for election to party position may be named for the purpose of any primary election.”

In plain English, this means that “designated candidates” are candidates that are going to be on the ballot in the primary election. The Irondequoit Democratic Committee votes on which candidates we want to designate, and those votes go up to the Monroe County Democratic Committee (MCDC). Then, MCDC compiles the votes from all the Committees in the county, and the winning candidates appear on the primary ballot for Democratic voters to choose from.

Designated Candidates in 2023

Monroe County Executive

Monroe County Family Court Judge

Irondequoit Town Justice

Irondequoit Town Supervisor

Irondequoit Town Board

Monroe County Legislative District 16

Monroe County Legislative District 17

Monroe County Legislative District 21

Monroe County Legislative District 26