Following the temporary appointment of three executive board positions, IDC members reappoint their leader, chair, secretary, treasurer, and all 177 committee members to permanent two-year terms until 2024.

September 21, 2022 (Rochester, NY) – The Irondequoit Democratic Committee voted unanimously to permanently appoint three temporary positions within the IDC executive team: Ryan Trevas as its leader, Deb Schiller as secretary, and Sheila Fleischauer as their treasurer. Chairperson Joseph Morelle Jr. was reappointed for another two-year term as well. The current executive team has volunteered on the committee in several different capacities over the last decade and is looking to continue its leadership in Irondequoit.

“I am very happy our committee decisively chose the current slate of candidates as its executive team for the next two years,” said Ryan Trevas, Irondequoit Democratic Committee Leader. “This group of individuals has been extremely integral to the Democratic party in Irondequoit. Over the last several months, this team has been working diligently to support candidates and provide membership updates. Also, I am proud to have collaborated with MCDC’s executive team and our current committee members to develop a new set of bylaws to make the political process easier to navigate for our membership.”

All new members of the new executive board are lifelong Irondequoit residents. Ryan Trevas, who has been serving as temporary leader of the IDC since February 2022, is now permanent. Deb Schiller and Sheila Fleischauer, both of whom were temporarily appointed in June and August respectively, spent the majority of their lives as town residents. Deb brings a wealth of knowledge as a paralegal for a prominent estate law firm in Rochester and Sheila has worked in politics, including as a bookkeeper on several local campaigns and at the Monroe County Board of Elections throughout her career.

“Irondequoit is one of our larger committees in Monroe County, and I am thrilled they have unanimously selected their leadership team for the next two years,” said Stephen DeVay, Acting Monroe County Democratic Committee Chair. I am looking forward to collaborating with Irondequoit’s leadership as we head toward November.”